Detox, Fasting and Cleansing Plan

Health is a state of mind, wellness is a state of being

Detox, Fasting and Cleansing Plan

  1. Do you feel tired and lethargic
  2. Do you feel difficulty in concentration and staying focus.
  3. Do you feel exprience frequent colds and flus
  4. Do you have joint pain or stiffness or headeaches
  5. Is there change in your body odour or taste in your mouth.
  6. Is skin lacklustre and dark circle under your skin.
  7. Do you have bloating, gas, acidity and constipation problem.
  8. Are you overweight


Then you need a detox plan.

This is 1 Day cleansing/Fasting program which you can performs once a week preferably on Sunday minimum, so that you have positive energy and required strength for rest of the week. Also any form of indulgence can be kept on Saturday morning/afternoon/eveninh, so that you have satisy your minds and it is ready for cleansing from saturday night.

Sleep– Sleep atleast for 6-8 hours. Timing should be perfect, as too much or too little would make you tried and dull. Try to sleep by 10 p.m. amd get up before sun rise. Then have a 2-3 glass of WARM water and do one of the following 1) Listen to some form of prayer or do it 2) Do Pranayam and Meditation 3) Read some positive thinking book or spiritual book. 4) Or just go to a garden or temple nearby.

Breakfast – Should be fruit Juice and fruit as much as possible and preferably green tea if you want to have some form of tea. Avoid any cooked food till Afternoon.

Bath – Other then cleaning your physical body, bath also remove negative energy around body.As it relaxes the body and open up the pores and body breath normally.Sweating and dust close the pores of the body and toxin cannot come out of the body. Hence have bath twice a day and of out once in water which has rock salt mix in it. Salt has been called “The Tears of God” and with good reason, as it is one of the purest substances on earth. Negativity cannot adhere to salt – therefore it is ideal for clearing/cleansing ones’ self. After a bad day, a negative experience at work or just a streak of bad luck that doesn’t
want to end. A salt bath can be just the thing you need, to “re-set” the energy and allow yourself to move forward.

Ghee – Ghee has many many benefit to human body. One of them is cleaning toxin from the body.Have it in lunch with Dal Khichadi. If you have loose motion because of motion tablet taken previous night, then you can avoid it.

Motion tab – Take this with warm water on Saturday 2 hours after dinner. This clear all the toxin and constipation. This will make you feel light, as toxin retains water due to acidic nature of body.Bloating will immediately get reduce.

Massage – Take massage in the morning or evening. Take it from a person who has positive energy else by giving massage he will transfer negative vibration to you and you will deprive of energy after massage session.

Wakeup time – This should be preferably before Sunrise and should make you feel fresh. After years of following this program, you can get at 4 a.m. also without any efforts.This give body perfect time for repair and proper hormones are released in order which facilitate proper functioning of the body activities like digestion, metabolism etc.

Food – This you have in lunch with some ghee and pappad.Again here the purpose is to conserve digestion energy by eating light and contribute it to increase Spiritual energy. No Wheat/Dairy product/Meat/Masala/Maida/Outside/Cooked more than 3 hours.NoSweets/Sugar/Salty/Pungent and fermented food Mixed Garlic/lemon/Turmeric powder before lunch for proper digestion and removal of gases/acidity.

Juice – If you can have fruits and juices for every meal. They are great detoxificater.

Water– Water remove all the toxin from the body loosen up by above points and hence have 250ml warm water every 2 hours.

TV/Net duration – Ideally zero. Max 1 hours. Newshour and Daily Soaps avoid it 100%. Electro Magnetic rays from TV and laptop deprive energy from us.

Pranayam/Breathing exercise/Meditation – This charge us most. Do as much as possible. Corrects the hormonal balance in the body and thereby functioning of each horomones in the body.No other form of exercise should be done during fasting/cleansing.

Stress :Stressful things like going to office/debate-discussion/travelling/shopping – Should be avoided as they deprive us of positive energy and give us negative energy.Unnecessary traveling and stress release coritsol hormone in the body which again hamper normal functioning of the body.

Music/book – Listen to soothing music or read motivational or spiritual book.

Prayer and Diya – Light a ghee diya in the morning and evening atleast. Light a Dhup and Aggarbatti and take to each corner of your house at dawn this is time when negative energy tries to enter your house.

At 9 p.m. on Sunday night check your energy level and compare it with what you had on Saturday/friday night same time. You will feel termendous energy in you

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