MUDRAS – Healing Hand YOGA

Health is a state of mind, wellness is a state of being

MUDRAS – Healing Hand YOGA

Yogi asked question from Almighty about how to apply concept of ‘Raas’, ‘Rang’ and ‘Naad’ (Rhythm, Colours & Music) in present scenario to attain perfect health and happiness.

Almighty Divine made yogi to realize the methodology of most ancient “Health Sience” in deep meditative state. He realized the power of “Mudras” (Hand Gestures), “Color Therapy” and “Therapeutic Sounds” – (‘O’ & ‘M’) of Brahm-Naad together with positive emotions of mind (psyche) as a healing tool.

Knowledge of Mudras can prove to be of immense help in the progress and protection of the entire human race.

Guidelines for Mudra Therapy

Balance, decrease, increase and empowerment.

The Thumb is the most important among the five fingers of the hand. Thumb supports the other fingers to function as we desire. Therefore thumb is called Agni. Thumb is responsible for balancing, decreasing or increasing the other elements by forming Mudras. We can manipulate fingers and thumbs in various gestures and regulate the element, thereby restoring health.

-Touching the tip of the finger and thumb balances the element represented by the finger

-Touching the finger tip at the base of the thumb decreases the element

-Touching the thumb tip to the base of the finger increases the element

-Touching the tips of fingers of both the hands increases the power of the 5 elements. Hence memory is sharpened.

Mudras in the Present context Part 1

Mudras are an excellent alternative therapy. Mudras are not only therapeutic but also prevent ailment. They are very effective.

Modern medicines can be double edged swords. They an immediate impact but can have side effects too. They are very expensive, whereas, Mudra therapy is cost free. Mudras can be performed by self so they are independent and we need not depend on anybody for treatment.

Mudras being universal they can be performed anywhere and anytime and by anybody.

Mudras cure all kinds of illnesses simple or serious.

By performing Mudras one can utilize time profitably and can attain radiant health.

Mudras help people who are entirely new to it. They help young children and even insane people so the question of belief does not arise.

Mudras even help semiconscious or unconscious people, Rubber bands can be used to maintain thumbs and fingers in specific positions.

Mudras in the Present context Part 2

Mudras can be performed by anybody and facing any direction. Mudras are universal.

Chanting of Mantras(e.g. 0m, Gayatri, 0m Namah Shivaya) with Mudras yields greater effect.

Suitable dietary changes can reinforce the benefits of Mudras, whereas unsuitable diet may offset the good effect of the Mudras. A person’s recovery from disease is expedited by combining Mudra therapy with correct diet.

Mudra Therapy can be combined with medicines or Yoga therapy previously prescribed medication may be continued till wellbeing is established by the doctor.

For general wellbeing, six Mudras can be practised every day for ten minutes each, they are – Jnana, Prithvi, Apana, Prana, Shoonya Vayu and Dhyana.

When a problem is resolved, the specific therapeutic Mudras are to be discontinued. This applies to the following Mudras Vayu, Shoonya, Soorya, Jalodar Nashakamudra and Ling Mudra. Ling mudra, should not be performed more than 15 minutes at a time as it generates a lot of heat within.

While performing Mudras, placing the hands on the thighs knees creates another Pranic circuit that stimulates the gupt nadi hidden channels in the thighs and helps stimulate the energies at Mooladhara Chakra. This results in increasing energy within the body.

Mudra before any Japa, Meditation or Worship

Before any Japa, Meditation or Worship, Mudras are practised .Mudras activate blood circulation and transmission of energy through the nerves. They balance the five Pranas and three Doshas by: replacing one element with another and increasing or decreasing the proportion of an element within the human body.Each of the five elements occupy a specific region within our body.

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