You can eat whatever you like but check these basic rules.

Health is a state of mind, wellness is a state of being

You can eat whatever you like but check these basic rules.

There are lots of If and Else regarding what we should eat. Based on my own 8 years experience with different diet plan and reading best Nutritionist/Fitness trainer/Ayurveda practitioner/Alternative Therapist/Long living people without illness,

You can eat whatever you like but check these basic rules.

If you are overweight or have some physical illness or mental illness, go on a Detox program first for minimum of 15-20 days. If possible continue it for 2-3 months.

One you are out of Detox program, follow this basic rule.

1. Always eat with Happy state of mind. Its releases good hormones in body.Don’t watch TV/Net/Newspaper/Discuss negative topics, since you also absorb negative energy. This impact your digestion of food even if you are eating healthy food.
2. Night dinner should be by 7.30 p.m. Should be simple and easy to digest. Preferably Dal/rice.
3. Pay attention Time, Cook, Atmosphere, Quantity, Quality in which food is cooked rather than Fat,Carbohydrates and protein count.

Time and Quantity :
Breakfast – Medium size. Milk/Tea, 1 small bowl Sabji, 2 Roti, 1 small bowl Rice or same quantity Poha or Paratha.
Lunch – Medium size. 1 small bowl Sabji, 2 Roti, 1 small bowl Rice, 1 small bowl Dal, Salad, chaas.
Snack – Very Light size. Green Tea or Milk or Juice.
Dinner – Light. Dal Rice, Soup/Milk

Cook – Have home made food as much as possible around 80% of your diet. Energy (Sanskar) of the cook impact food energy. Avoid outside food as much as possible.

Atmosphere- Avoid having food where there is negative energy around. Avoid unnecessary discussion during eating.

3. Have small portion of rice in breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Its give fullness feeling and also improves your sleep. Rice should always be taken with dal and avoid other form like Chinese/Biryani, as dal supress spike in sugar level in blood which may cause weight gain and other health issue.
4. Eat slowing and let mind register it taste. Hence each food morsel should be chew 10 times. This help in unnecessary eating extra food.
5. Have food which is cooked maximum 2-3 hours before eating.Avoid packet food.
6. Do Prayer before eating or if possible Pranayam before eating. This relaxes your body (muscle). Release right amount of Enzymes for food digestion. And also positive hormones are release in body which in turn helps digestion. Avoid food when you have negative emotions like stress/anger/fear.
7. Have atleast 30 mins walk before breakfast and 15-30 mins walk after dinner.
8. Veg or Non-Veg. Doesn’t matter much unless you are involved in spiritual practice.
9. Food should be by Profession. Mental work supports more veg food (Currently most of the Jobs/For Students) and Jobs involving physical work supports Non-Veg (Sports, Defense personnel, Physical laborer,  ).Ayurveda support Non-Veg. Earlier Brahmins were involved in Spiritual/Religious work, hence used to have Veg food only.
10. You should have once a week cheat diet as it reduce stress of not having food you like and avoid you from abandoning/breaking you healthy lifestyle food plan.

Make every bite a Meditation

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