Which Exercise you choose?

Health is a state of mind, wellness is a state of being

Which Exercise you choose?

Which exercise you choose as means to keeping fit is a completely personal choice. A lot of what you prefer doing: yoga, weight training, running, swimming, etc has to do with your temperament,

what you discovered first or what your friends and family believe in or recommend. All forms of exercise lead you to the same path, that of health, vitality and peace. The benefits of exercise go way beyond losing weight or losing inches. It will improve muscle and bone density, heart and lung function, lower blood pressure, stabilise blood sugar and make you agile, faster and stronger. But this happens only if you eat right and keep the right attitude towards life and exercise itself.

Adopting exercise just as a means to losing weight can be detrimental to health, because you will risk doing too much in too little time. Once you commit yourself to regular workouts, weight loss will just happen, with the right diet. Putting time constraints on results often takes the fun and joy out of exercise.

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